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Before you call a plumber:

Be certain you are hiring a licensed plumber-fixing plumbing that was installed incorrectly often costs more than having it done right the first time
  • Make a list
    making a list of problems that need to be addressed can save you time and money.
  • Clean
    cleaning out under cabinets and in places where the plumber will be working will save you time and money
  • Call as early as possible
    Calling as early as possible will often result in better service
  • Know where this stuff is
    Shut off valves, sewer cleanouts, electric panels, and your water meter

When to call a Plumber:

If you smell gas of any sort, call the gas company first, then call a plumber. Gas leaks are dangerous and should not be taken lightly.

If you smell sewer gas, call a plumber. Methane gas is deadly. Because of the tightness of today’s homes, methane gas can build up rapidly.

If you have a leak, call a plumber. Leaks, even small ones, can cause thousands of dollars in damage in a short time.

Anytime you want a plumbing job done correctly that will work well for many years to come.

When buying a house, call a plumber. Calling a licensed plumber, electrician, and HVAC technician is relatively inexpensive compared to the hidden costs that could come up down the road. A home inspector has general knowledge of building codes and can point out some problems, but for such a large investment, I would recommend that you call experts in each field for a complete diagnosis of any potential problems.

As a homeowner, can I just fix my own plumbing?

Yes, you are allowed by Arkansas law to fix any of your own plumbing on your primary residence, so long as it is done according to the plumbing code.

Fixing your own plumbing is not recommended with the exception of a few simple tasks. When you hire a licensed plumber you are not only getting years of experience and hundreds of hours of schooling on your side, you are protecting yourself and one of your biggest investments (your home) against problems that arise out of a job done incorrectly. You are also saving yourself multiple trips to the hardware store and the frustration that goes along with it.

Your insurance may not cover damage caused by faulty plumbing that was installed by you. Why risk it when we can do it for you so affordably?